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How to Use The Seo Wizard Plugin

By on Mar 28, 2016 in Blog |

If you are just starting a new business, you need to run it on as little overhead as possible. This includes using the SEO Wizard for your search engine optimization. If you do, it could save you some time and money. However, you have to know how to implement this WordPress plugin correctly and know how to make the process seem as natural as possible.

Why Use SEO Wizard?

In probably just a few hours, you can use the keyword tools to rank higher in search engines. In the process, you have the option of deciding if you want “no follow” links set to certain keywords. You can also customize your meta tags with as few or as many standards as you would like. In addition, you can set your meta descriptions to include the keywords in order to have them appear in search engines.

This is not always an immediate way to reap search engine optimization results, however. Still, the features that SEO Wizard provide ensures that you are not penalized for keyword or link spamming. At the same time, you have a variety of features at your disposal. Although this might not be the quickest SEO method, you will achieve results in as short of a time as possible. In the process, this time spent improving your site ranking will provide you with thorough, long-lasting improved SE rankings.

Furthermore, this system helps you reap maximum benefits of posting to Facebook and Twitter. You can set the titles and descriptions for each post as you have them automatically sent to these social networks. In addition, you have total control over which posts you want to share to social media. In any case, regular posting is what usually awards you gradual SEO and SM ranking increases.

Additional Ways SEO Wizard Can Help

Another reason for using this particular plugin is because it provides a plethora of effortless linking options. For instance, you can set a default “alt,” title and description for your images. You can also use the advanced “Deeplink Juggernaut” to program a list of automated anchor text links. In addition, SEO Wizard gives you the capability of setting parameters when linking to your own posts, pages and media.

Along with that, you can have these posts link to the URL by which the visitor has found the post or page. Probably the most important feature of all is the ability to set the maximum number of links you want per post or page. As equally as important is the ability to restrict how many times you want the same anchor text to appear on a post or page. Moreover, you have the freedom to set the link destination URL as few or as many times as you want on a blog entry or site page.

The variety of settings provided by SEO Wizard helps you produce natural search engine optimization results. However, it might take learning some of this plugin’s advanced capabilities to produce the kind of results you want. In the process, you can monitor what pages and posts of your WordPress site you want indexed.

Advanced SEO Wizard Settings for Optimizing WordPress Sites

Additional contextual link settings within the “Deeplink Juggernaut” interface of SEO Wizard probably will provide you the most natural optimization outcomes. One obvious one is you don’t want to have text links showing up in your heading (h1, h2, h3, h4, etc.) tags. It just usually looks tacky unless the heading is a bolded line in a numbered or bulleted lists. Therefore, the SEO Wizard helps you avoid the awkwardness of having anchor text links inserted in your headings.

Furthermore, this WordPress plugin gives you the option of slowly phasing out the auto linking process. This is crucial because you do not always want to keep posting the same contextual links in every new post or page. Therefore, you can set the percentage by which you want to gradually decrease auto linking frequency. If you do not fully understand all of this now, do not worry. It will come to you with a little time and practice using SEO Wizard.

An additional restriction you could place on automatic insertion of text links is to use this plugin’s “Siloing” effect fond on the Deeplink Juggernaut tab. For instance, you can link posts to internal destinations that share at least one category or tag. You can also set customize CSS for auto linking for even more precise anchor text customization.

Auto-Sitemap Building: Another SEO Wizard Feature

This plugin helps you automatically build an XML sitemap. These URLs are then automatically crawled by Google and other search engines. It is one more way to have more pages of your site indexed as soon as possible. This is one way you can rank fast even if you have a limited SEO budget. After all, it does most of the tedious link building for you. Because of its ease of use, it gives you more time to concentrate on more important matters. The most important, of course is tending to your clients when they need customer support.

How Hard is SEO Wizard to Use?

There might be a bit of a learning curve with this software, but it is not extensive. Maybe at first you can apply some of the easier, more standard link automation features. Then, gradually you can work up to configuring the more advanced contextual link settings. In any case, you are advised to make this a gradual process to ensure a more natural SEO building experience.

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